Testing examinations of wolfhounds
Testing Examinations of Wolfhounds
Testing examinations of wolfhounds

Dear lovers of large shepherds - wolfhounds!

During many years I have been studying the differences between the particular breeds of dog. My goal was to find the best breed. After many years of the research of a big amount of both theoretical materials and real practice, I am convinced that I have found the best breed in the world. Above all, it is All-Russian Wolfhounds, Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharkas!

Why is it so?

Large wolfhounds represent the best combination of quickness and strength (I would say the power of Mastiff and the quickness of wolf in one), resistance against colds, and, in contrast to the degrading civilized breeds of the western world, also excellent instincts without any big degradation yet.

Out of all the breeds of large shepherd dogs that are tens on Earth, these two breeds of the All-Russian Wolfhounds are not only capable of the work on the wolf but also of the work on the human. Therefore it is possible to use them not only like livestock guardians against the beasts, but also for the guarding service and like excellent bodyguards against the human enemies. I wish the old wolfhound was not only a good fighter, but also an excellent defender of its owner, his family and house.

How it has already been proved in many so-to-say "mixed dog fights", the Asian or the Caucasian are able to overpower the dogs of the fighting breeds, or, at least, to fight as good as they do. In addition, in these native wolfhounds also other qualities are present, which the fighting dogs do not possess. There is no better dog than the one that is an excellent fighter against the other dogs and the wolf, but at the same time also an excellent protector and defender against human enemies and also resistant against colds as well as the All-Russian Wolfhounds. They are all in one.

Here are dog fighting pictures in PDF files "Famous Fights" and "Shepherd Dogs - Kings".

I do not promote these fights. I do not say "arrange them". But once they are here, let them be used as the proof of that that the large Shepherd Dogs are excellent fighters. That is all.

Please try to compare them to the other breeds known in the whole world and think a bit about these several examples of mine. Bull Mastiff has a too short mouth to take a full mouth hold on the limb of a human opponent, if he is dressed in a thick winter's clothes, the more in the case of a helper dressed in a protective body bite suit; Pit Bull Terrier is a bad defender of its owner against bad people, because he is mainly, if not only, very aggressive toward the other dogs. English Mastiff is not too quick and not so much efficient, German Shepherd is not as strong as the All-Russian Ovcharkas, and I could list here a lot of the other breeds of dog and show why they are worse than the All-Russian Wolfhounds. I bless you, Russia, thank you, Mother, for the best dogs of this world!

Many years ago, my Caucasian Ovcharka had demonstrated to me several times the work on the most vulnerable places of the human body. For me the Caucasian is the best defender against the human enemies out of all the dogs. I think that the Caucasian Ovcharkas are somewhat better at this work than Asians (but I have to say that also the other wolfhounds, mainly Kangal, Karabash, Akbash and Buryat, can be similarly-effective bodyguards).

What is necessary for the Central Asian and Caucasian Ovcharkas to preserve their excellent qualities? Above all, three things:

1. Protection work
2. Testing examinations of wolfhounds
3. Work with flocks

Let us think over a question, how the testing examinations as a training fight agree with the present laws.

The western world, often interfering in the private matters of the other countries, protests against this way of dog testing. The truth is that the western world has some good things, which are really useful, but it has also some laws, thoughts and goals that are not always right for everybody.

I strongly believe, that it will do harm to the large shepherd dogs if they will live on the territories of the western world without the testing examinations and without any proper training in the protection work.

The people of the western world must understand that the fight to death in their degraded Pitbulls that have a disorder of the social feeling is the destroyer of dogs. Whereas the All-Russian testing fight of young wolfhounds is necessary to preserve their qualities, to recognize the way of the dog behavior characteristic to a wolfhound in order to keep the wished character and the way of fighting with a wolf, protecting the herds and flocks from it. So the fight in the frame of the testing goals will give the wolfhounds success and it is a total necessity!

     Here is excellent book "Дрессировка отечественных волкодавов" (Training of Native Wolfhounds):


Web site of publishing house "Aquarium"

Buy this book at Ozon.ru

The testing examinations of wolfhounds are a national Russian tradition. And national tradition is almost a law. It is always valid. Laws can change but the national tradition is always the same, and in this case it helps to preserve the qualities of the All-Russian Wolfhounds.

As it is known, the testing examinations not only define what dog is stronger than the other, but accordingly to its results we can also consider the overall condition of the shepherd dogs. This helps to select the best dogs to produce the best puppies. There is no training that could replace this examination.

Where there is no testing fight, there will be no true wolfhounds. And without the fight we cannot get to know the mental and physical condition of the dog, and whether or not it will be useful to use him for breeding.

Therefore I would like to ask all the All-Russian "Caucasists" and "Asiatists": If you love your wolfhounds, please continue the tradition of the testing examinations! You will preserve the quality of the best dogs in this world.

Thank you very much.

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