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Bonus: More times I experienced that that my large dogs were attacked by smaller dogs. To save the smaller from getting bitten by my big ones, I was holding my dogs strongly. However, in some cases the smaller dogs abused my compassion with them, and attacked the genitals or flanks of my dogs that I was holding.
However, later I changed my attitude: if the unleashed small dogs are so impudent with the leashed large dogs to run to them and to bite them, let them receive a lesson. It is similar to too short people who are impudent with the taller ones more than it is suitable. They need a lesson as well.
Another thing are people who want to look like "heroes". Some of them want to stroke the dog in front of other people, want to enter the premise guarded by the dog, or they can say that they are not afraid of dogs and they know how to deal with them (indicating that they would overpower your dog, if it would fight them). Please do not allow them to do the first or the other. Kindly warn them in advance, tell them that they can come to harm, if they would not take your words seriously.

Just as a matter of interest: I was thinking about what it would be like, if I had let's say 10 dogs and after our death the soul of every one of them had met that of mine in the Heaven. Every one of the dogs would jump to me like to its only owner and would want to have the whole of me for itself, which would not be possible.

Let's say that I would live one million years instead of several tens. Of course, from the viewpoint of eternity it is still nothing. But I won't discuss it for the moment.
I love dogs and some doggy friend is always needed. I would be with them "all the time" and during this million of years I would have a lot of them. And if every one of them would live 10 years, then if we divide the million by ten, we get one hundred thousand. So many dogs I would have. And to stay a bit faithful to them all, every period of time I would want to devote one day to the remembrance of every one of them. But it means one hundred thousand days of remembering, which is almost 274 years!
Of course, the capacity of human brain is insufficient for the (regular) remembrance of all the dogs and is not capable of storing the information from such a long life like that of mine would be.
It would be capable of it only in the case if I had a different brain, but it would not be I any more and I would not experience my love for dogs the way I do. Shortly, no matter how I think about it, there is always the conclusion that to live as a human being and very long is not possible. Man's life is short.
And the life of dogs is even shorter. The dog gives us its whole life, but we give it only the minority of that of ours. It means that the dog is more faithful to us than we to it.

Question: How can a dog after its death be happy in the Heaven, when it is there without its owner?

You have loved your four-legged friend and he died. Do you want to know when you will meet him again?
If you do not believe in any Heaven and you want your dog exactly the way it was here on Earth when you two had lived together, just wait for it. It will come itself, since all the stories we are experiencing are repeating all the time. Excerpts from book "Nekonecny pribeh" (= the never-ending story) by Pavel Kastl:

"It is an eternal process. A story without beginning and end. The never-ending story. It has always been like that and it will always be like that. Do you want to see the one who had invented this story?
Then the space opened and it was seen beyond the border of all the borders. And the soul of Kasius saw an endless face with endless look of endless eyes. Somebody mightier than all the mighty and wiser than all the wise. And then it had finally understood, why this story has to be the way it is and why it must repeat eternally."

"During the whole endless period of time, in the course of which this story is going on, its events are observed by someone's cold and endless face. It has already seen it endless number of times and it knows it by memory. The eyes of that face have an ice-cold look, missing all the human emotions."