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Dear visitor! First of all, I have to warn you that English is my second language, therefore please forgive its lower quality.

In any case, if you are a fan of large shepherd dogs like Caucasian Ovcharka, Central Asian Ovcharka, Turkish Kangal (Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Karabash), Akbash, and Buryat, the Mongolian Wolfhound, you are welcome!

Above all, many people use shepherd dogs to get protected from a wolf, but there are people, the endeavor of which is to use the wolfhounds for other goals, too. For example, one of such successful tries was the global breeding of Caucasian Ovcharkas for guarding services.

As it is known, wolfhounds are the best protectors, mainly due to their self-reliance, and that we are not still speaking about their other qualities. Not a single modern breed, in majority cases short-coated western breeds of dog, manages to protect the yards, jails and similar objects (self-containedly without the support of the owner) as good as the wolfhounds do.

It is widely believed that the civilized breeds of dog (although they are not such good protectors) are better bodyguards than the shepherd dogs. Here I would like to express my opinion that this statement is somewhat wrong.

By their nature, or at least it is believed so, livestock guardians (a so-called LGD) are more talented as protectors of premises than as defenders of their owners, whereas the type of breeds like a Rottweiler, Fila Brasileiro, Cane Corso and similarly are naturally less talented as the protectors of premises and more talented as the defenders of their owners. But wolfhounds have the best general endowments and after they have passed through a certain course of training on a neutral territory, they are becoming the most effective defenders out of all the breeds of dog.

In the majority of cases the wolfhound like a natural protector without any training won't be the excellent defender of its owner. But the training of defense of the owner will develop the wolfhound's aggression toward strangers also outside the zones of the protection of estates and it teaches the wolfhound the defense of its owner on a neutral territory. If the owner often uses to be "attacked" by the helper on a neutral territory, his or her wolfhound very quickly learns to defend its owner and so it becomes a bodyguard, who is finally the most effective one out of all the breeds of dog. So apart from the title of the protector of estates the wolfhound gets one more title - the defender of its owner.

Accordingly to my opinion, the dangerousness of the wolfhound's attack on a human enemy is bigger than that of the attack of the western short-coated breeds of dog.

The breeds of wolfhounds attack the human enemy in the throat or head more often (and at the same time by a more effective way) than all the other breeds of dog. I remember how once I was testing my Caucasian. He was on a leash, the helper was keeping the protective sleeve in his hands and he gave it to my wolfhound to bite. The dog took a mouth hold on the sleeve, pulled it, the helper leaned forward and at the very moment my Caucasian released the protective sleeve and immediately tried to take a bite in the helper's throat. The helper quickly dodged back and at the same time I pulled the leash toward me, but the clothes on the helper's throat were torn.

From the viewpoint of the effectiveness of the attack, any training of wolfhounds that forbids such an attack on the most vulnerable place of human body, takes away from the wolfhounds one of the best ways how to win a fight with a really dangerous evildoer, mainly when he is dressed in a thick or protective clothes and, above all, in the case when he straightly awaits the fight with the dog, being prepared for it.

Considering the breeds of the shepherd dogs that are the best combination of quickness, power and the best instincts, we have to say, that the other breeds of dog are much poorer in a wide meaning of the expression. Dog like a Borzoi is too thin, Mastiff-like breeds are oppositely too massive and slow.

I was investigating the differences between the quality and the way of "work on people" in various breeds of dog and the conclusion of all that is clearly simple: Breeds that are too distant from the wolf by their figure, although they can be strong and big, are not able as perfectly and quickly re-bite and dodge the strikes in the fight with a human opponent as the "wolf-like wolfhounds". Therefore forget about the heavy massive breeds like the French or Spanish Mastiff, also forget about not big ovcharkas like a German or a Belgian one, they are weaker than the large shepherd dogs. At the same time please breed for working purposes only the wolfhounds that are not fat, because a too massive wolfhound is losing quickness that is a really serious factor. Perhaps the ideal weight of a working CO is 55 kg by 74 cm at withers (50 kg when a lower height and oppositely 60 kg when a more massive skeleton and/or even bigger height). Too big or too heavy dogs do not use to be as much healthy, efficient and quick as those who are little smaller and little lighter.

Figure similar to that of the wolf (so-called "wolfdogs" or "wolf-like dogs"), only somewhat more robust than the wolf = the wished constitution of the ideal dog. And such a constitution is often present in the shepherd dogs = the best connection between height, weight and quickness (but here is inborn also the perfect way of fighting).

The reason for this ideal is the fact that these wolfhounds manage to reach good results in everything they do. They have 80% power of the strongest, 80% quickness of the most quick, 80% will of those who have it highest etc. This all results in a dog that is more efficient than the strongest one, who, however, is not that quick; more efficient than the quickest one, who, however, is not that strong; more efficient than he who has the highest will, but who is, however, too weak; more efficient than anyone with the ideal constitution and figure who, however, does not have the best instincts like the shepherd dogs, their self-reliance and similarly, and that I am not still speaking about the way of fighting, which is the best in wolfhounds = an attack on the most vulnerable place of the enemy's body and a quick and effective taking him down.

Please allow me to remember the comparison of wolfhounds with the fighting breeds of dog. Large amount of insufficiently informed people suppose that the abilities of the fighting breeds are better than the abilities of wolfhounds. Pity that not everybody knows the most important fact, the main differences between the way of fighting in a wolfhound and oppositely in a fighting dog.

The wolfhound attacks the enemy in a flash and during a short moment it causes a maximum damage to him. If there are several enemies in front of him at the same time, such a behavior enables him, as soon as he has neutralized the first one, to attack the second one, then the third enemy. However, the fighting dog, mainly a small one like a Pit Bull does not know the way of the quick and most effective victory. He tries to get over all the pain caused to him in a long-lasting fight, to never give up and by this way gradually defeat the opponent. It often happens that the opponent ceases to attack only out of the reason that he does not want to fight that long and withdraws from the fight, although sometimes he sustained much lower injuries than the fighting dog. But how it is correctly said, he wins who survived (the conclusion resulting from the above-said is that the fights between the wolfhounds and the pits are a nonsense, because these two kinds of dogs have a too big difference in how they approach the fight; therefore it is incorrect and not reasonable to test them in a fight with each other).

Let's pay attention to the fact, that the main enemy of a human being is a human being. And speaking about the capability of wolfhounds to "fight people", I must say that two famous wolfhounds most familiar with the training of the "work on people" are Central Asian and Caucasian Ovcharkas. And out of these two kings, one is better than the other. And the name of the "King of kings" is Caucasian Ovcharka!

Simple rule: "Only the dog attacking all the strangers will also attack all the evildoers." Problem is that many evildoers do not do quick movements and not every time they have to speak loudly or scream in order to provoke the dog. Many observations discover that many dogs do not defend their owner against such bad people who behave inconspicuously.

Because the dog is not always able to recognize who, out of all the surrounding people, has bad intentions about its owner and the dog is a bodyguard, best is for it to immediately attack all the strangers, who are approaching its owner and to defend him excellently through this. There is a word, by which is said everything and say it to the Caucasian Ovcharka: "Stranger!" It means: "Who does not belong to our family and approaches our place, him we will kill!"

There is a simple training of bodyguards: You keep your shepherd dog on a leash and fitted with a muzzle. Several helpers in normal clothes will attack you. One of them you meet in the centre of the city, the second one attacks you when you are walking your shepherd dog in the evening, the third one attacks you in the morning in the train where you travel together with your dog and similarly. And every time after the strict action from the side of your dog the helper runs away and your dog is the winner. During this training the shepherd dog becomes ready to defend its owner in every place and in any time. And in the puppies that cannot bite yet, the helpers very often tease them and they run away every time as soon as the puppy has got angry. This enlarges its aggression and self-confidence.

Of course, the unconditional necessary preservation of the qualities of wolfhounds is not only the education of the protection-defense, but also work with cattle and the testing examinations, which includes the testing fights of wolfhounds, without which they could degenerate very soon. Although the dog fights are necessary, they are only useful if there are reasonable, strict rules. And when the shepherd dogs fight only rarely.

Let us look at the Central Asian Ovcharkas. Above all, they were fighting each other and in contrast to many Caucasians they were "forgetting" to keep their "being bodyguards" against the human evildoers.

The wolfhound only used for a fight with other dogs or participating in them too often will become aggressive mainly in the relationship to the other dogs and already not against human enemies as much as we would wish. And, oppositely, if the wolfhound will never fight the other dogs, it will start to degenerate and it will lose its fighting qualities. Where there is too much of dog fighting there wolfhounds are bad defenders and where there is no dog fighting at all, there are no true wolfhounds. Therefore I do recommend two fights (one is the absolute minimum) of the young dogs on the level of the well-known TE, but better nothing more than this.

We need to add that in case of the CO the testing examinations are less topical, than in the case of the other wolfhounds (because this breed is mainly used against human enemies), but still topical at all times (because this breed is a wolfhound and not rarely used like one).

Dear lovers of all the big dogs from the whole of All-Russia! Why should you search the other breeds of dog in the western world, when you already have the best of the best (and now, apart from the shepherd dogs, I consider a Moscow Watchdog, too)? They are finding themselves within the reach of your hands and it only suffices to reach for them.

Here is a famous wisdom: "Old Ovcharka-type of breeds not spoiled by the modern illness in the name of humanization are not a step backward, how many people think, but neither forward. They are the balance of our situation, a point, which the weak can lean on. In fact, they are the top. It is not true that we always ought to go to somewhere. We can already stop and begin to perceive and enjoy." The reason for this is that we have already found those, who are the best of all!

And despite that there is some difference between the particular breeds of wolfhounds, each of them is excellent. Caucasian Ovcharka is the King of kings, Kangal is the king of the Turkish shepherd dogs in the same way like Buryat of the Mongolian ones, and Akbash is a white giant with a big power. Any of them is different than the other, but every one of them is a maven.

"The point in the Shepherd Dog's life is an ever-lasting readiness for fight with a beast or a stranger."

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Addition: There are more "breeds of Wolfhounds" than the above-mentioned, like Irish Wolfhound, for example. Then there are also breeds of dog that balance on the border between the true Wolfhound and something else, like Yugoslavian Sheepdog, South Russian Ovcharka, Maremma Sheepdog, Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, Tibetan Mastiff, Kuvasz, Komondor, Pyrenean Mountain Dog and similarly.

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