Caucasian Shepherd

          He stayed in the first line when Gods were giving away the power,
          celebrate that beautiful work of Nature.
          His glory reaches the sky's tower,
          he is the art of Gods, the Caucasian Volkodav.

          They are a terror that teeth of his:
          I saw him beat with them not only people,
          but also beasts, other dogs and gamebred Pits.

          I lived with one of them and fell in love with him then,
          he was as strong as a dragon from Heaven.

          And when our minds joined in the deep forest,
          I thought like I was him for a short moment,
          the only idea of his,
          given to him by the wildest Nature:

          "There is but us!
          We'll kill anybody who'll enter between us,
          it is our earth, now the time is ours.
          There will be nothing left out of our enemies,
          they'll never again dare to go against us."

            (We'll kill anyone who will interfere with us or will be somehow in our ways,
            or who would want to prevent us from loving each other always.)

          Bloody anger was carrying through the valley,
          and all were running away, only I was allowed to stay.
          For I was a master of him,
          who managed to take the others' lives so quickly away.

          I am a mighty CO, I am a Volkodav,
          I will tear up alone the crowd of human enemies.
          The earth shakes before me,
          say, the forest, how dangerous I can be.

          Big mountains, the wind is blowing,
          a thick coat protects the Winner.
          It's him that's the large plain entering,
          who within him carries the age-long power.

          The mountains of Caucasus are those,
          which the true king originates from.
          The Creator gave a giant power unto him,
          to be able, when in a fight, always win.

          Pair of eyes was seen shining in the darkness,
          big and white teeth lightened with glance.
          Faithful heart beats under them,
          a Caucasian goes for a prey to distance.

          Caucasian Ovcharka, it is the pride of the dog family,
          it possesses the Mastiff's power,
          the best mountain breed, I can say honestly,
          after the wolf, it took rapidness and instinct of a killer.

          Who can be equal to you when in fighting,
          you are the number one of doggy and human fights,
          you know no fear of nothing,
          having the spirit of terror, merciless.

          Protect us, a love, the highborn knight of wilderness,
          chase away our enemies far from us,
          stay with us till our death.

          The life beside you is like a flower,
          you are the safety and the best guard,
          your presence heats us like the honey in a tea that is warm,
          a nimbus is around your head, dark.

          Be our god, a brother, a sister,
          even though only a big and strong dog.
          Accompany us in the meadows and forests under the sky,
          be a beautiful dream that came true.

          Live, the King of kings!
          Never let cease the beating of your heart,
          do not let fade away that full-blown red flower
          of your wildness and power.

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